We are currently working hard to assist the Adelaide Hills Council with the devastating Cudlee Creek Fires.  If you would like to gain further updated information or assist we recommend the following page :




Adelaide ARB Consultants have senior experience in all Aboricultural requirements.

Our Director has a Graduate Certificate of Arboriculture (AQF Level 8) from The University of Melbourne. We also have a strong team of working professionals with senior education qualifications within the sector.

We specialise in Council Arboricultural management & major infrastructure company works:

  • Arboricultural management of Regulated and Significant Trees, council tree retention and protection.
  • Arboricultural written Reports and Documents including: Development Projects, Major Infrastructure Projects & Data Collection asset services.
  • Development Impact Reports & tree protection enabling the protection of tree assets during construction activities.
  • Legal Consultation and Court Representation

We have certification with the International Society of Arboriculture.

We are a proud member of Aboriculture Australia

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